Did you know I came back for you?

That after agonizing, I chose you?

I chose to Love when we both knew

That nothing could be more true

Than the fact that there can never be me with you



Her Back against the wall,

She’d pushed as much as she could

Fought a hard battle

She did more that others would

Weight on her shoulder

She embraced it all with a smile

Superhero to most

She lived her life in denial

The critics attacked

She struggled but she stood

The words lashed at her

But she looked for what’s good

She saw the positive in life

As life battered out the good

Her music was the screams that engulfed her existence

Her art was the blood from scars that numbed common sense


I asked: What made her so strong to the harshness of the world?

Fearlessness? Or just her desire to survive?

With twinkle in her eyes

A smile on her lips

“Being to hell and back and still being able to say I survived”



Dedicated to the Strength of a Woman who knows true hardship

Soar High

They will know you

Soar high
They will remember you

Your name will forever be etched
Your spirit will forever be felt

You, the incredible Son
You, the amazing brother
You, a friend among friends

Our hearts are heavy
For you’ve touched us all

Saying goodbye to a bright flame
Saying goodbye to a young soul
Saying goodbye to family

Soar high
And find peace
As we calm our hearts

Find peace in knowing you were loved
Find peace in knowing you are missed

Sour high
My friend, family, brother
You are forever in my heart.

How do I stop?

How do I stop loving him
When we didn’t have a fight?

When all he did was leave
When leaving me was right?

How do I stop loving him
When I don’t hate him?

When all he did was support me
When I turned my back on him?

How do I stop loving him
Though I really need to try

Because we are two different people
Who can never see eye to eye

And I know we said goodbye
And I wasn’t sad enough to cry

Every blue moon I realize
Stop loving him was just lies………..